Quality Policy

  • We at Batuk Maharaj Agarbatti have established a constant Quality Assurance System to sustain good quality and reliability of the product.
  • Batuk Maharaj Agarbatti Pure Dhoop or handmade incense stick made from cow urine and pure desi ghee with natural scents and herbs.
  • We are one of the leading brand of Agarbattis in India by providing quality that is Unmatched and functioning with unique process method.
  • Incense sticks are used at all the places of worship, religious functions, festive occasions, weddings irrespective of religions.
  • It helps one to connect with the divine with its aroma and establishes greater peace and harmony within the devotee.

Quality Statement

"We assured our esteemed customers for GOOD QUALITY, RELIABILTY AND CONSISTANCY by satisfying the customer's implicit and explicit needs"